Tattoo Care

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When it comes to tattoo care, the most important thing to think about is the period directly following the day on which you get a new (or your first!) tat. We at Tattoo-Blast know just how important this period of time is and encourage you to read our tips for caring for your body and yourself after getting work done. Some of the reasons for paying special attention to this period of time have to do with the look and the staying power of the ink, but some of the reasons have to do with your general health.

Tattoo Care

The most important thing to remember about tattoo aftercare is to keep it covered, no questions asked, for the amount of time stipulated by the artist who did it. Not only does this prevent fading of colors and keep the look crisp and clean, it also helps to prevent infection. Your skin should not be exposed to air, so removing the bandage, even for a moment, can result in an increased risk of infection.

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Tattoo-Blast knows just how difficult it can be to keep the bandage on when you so desperately want to show it off to all of your friends. Use this simple rule of new tattoo care to build suspense instead of to disappoint. Tell your friends that it will look even better if they wait to see it. Or, depending on the location, you could conceal the bandage with clothing and only tell your friends that you got it when it is ready to be in the open air.

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A lot of people ignore this simple rule of tattoo aftercare because not only do they want to show it off to their friends, they are curious themselves to see it again. Although they have already seen it themselves, before it was bandaged, most people believe that it must be changing, somehow. Rationally, everyone assumes it is not changing, but we at Tattoo-Blast are more than aware of how it feels to want to look at it yourself. We have experienced this many times!

Check out the rest of our helpful information on tattoo care on our website, We have posted a wealth of information on our site, and we also offer an in-depth eBook which is a guide to getting your first tat. Our eBook includes everything you want to know and everything that you are not even aware of yet that you will want to know. Since we have been through the process so many times, we offer you our expert advice, so visit us today!

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