Justin Bieber unveiled what he thinks of the girls by a statement to the Peruvian magazine Stuff, recognizes that every day learn to gradually understand the girls and know that many of them have tattooed his name, which he seems crazy, this is what I said:
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“There are girls who have tattooed my name and even a mom who got a tattoo on her back. There was a contest on the radio that said that if she is the speaker’s face tattooed on his back, he could go to my concert and meet me. That was really crazy. “

And when asked about love, said he is learning what love is and you still have much to learn, young singer talks about love love this: “Love is a learning process through which pass throughout your life. You learn how to improve and more about love. I’m still learning, “he confessed. “I’m not saying I know everything about love. I’m still trying to understand girls. I think one is never completely understand. “


As for his desire, indicating that wants to be a young dad and having a child at 25 years, so it is already making plans, gave this statement in an interview with a fashion site, to the question, where here is some over years, said: “I want to be a young dad. With 25 or 26? I would like to be married and starting a family. “
What do think of this Selena Gomez, his girlfriend?, Who also spoke and spoke thus: “it’s amazing” for the moment “no immediate plans of marriage.”

He did not say exactly that Selena would want your child to others if you do not know then continue together, although their relationship is going well.

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